Top 12 Best Keylogger for Android

Before I start with this article, I think it’s important to clarify what an Android Keylogger is.

What is an Android Keylogger?

A Keylogger is a crucial spy app tool which helps to find out all the buttons being pressed in a target device.  Basically, an Android keylogger can help you hack anyone’s account by extracting all passwords for you.

Find out the passwords for social apps and email accounts. Get the credentials for any accounts which are created on different websites and accessed through mobile’s web browser.

With the help of keylogger,  you can get the credentials of all accounts from someone’s phone.

For the sake of convenience, I’ve listed out 12 keylogger apps that you can choose from. Read on and hack your way through life!

Android KeyloggersFeaturesInvisible?Need to Root?Has Online Demo?
No.1 NeatspyKeylogging, Messages, WhatsApp, Facebook, Location, Snapchat, internet browsing, etcYesNoView Demo
No.2 SpyicKeylogging, Messages, Location, etcYesNoView Demo
No.3 SpyzieKeylogging, Messages, Location, etcYesYesView Demo
No.4 MinspyKeylogging, Messages, WhatsApp, Facebook, etcYesYesVeiw Demo
No.5 SpyineKeylogging, Social Media Monitor, Location Tracking, etc.YesYesView Demo
No.6 FlexiSPYKeylogging, Social Media Monitoring, Call Recording, etc.YesYesView Demo
No.7 Highster MobileKeylogging, Social Media Monitoring, Call Logging, etc. YesYesNo
No.8 TheTruthSpyKeylogging, Social Media Monitoring, Ambient Listening, etc. YesYesNo
No.9 Mobile SpyKeylogging, Social Media Monitoring, etc. NoYesNo
No.10 XNSpyKeylogging, Social Media Monitoring, Ambient Listening and Recording, etc. YesYesYES
No.11 Copy9Keylogging, Social Media Monitoring, Ambient Listening and Recording, etc. YesYesNo
No.12 AppmiaKeylogging, Social Media Monitoring, Phone Hijack, etc. YesYesYES

Now, without further ado, read on to learn the details about all the best Android keylogger apps in the industry!

Neatspy Android Keylogger– Editor’s Choice

With the presence of so much scam in the spy industry, it becomes critical to choose a reliable app. A spy app which truly provides all advertised features without hidden glitches is most sought after.

Neatspy is an unprecedented keylogging solution that fulfills the cell phone monitoring needs and exceeds your expectations. Neatspy prides in satisfying its customers with a spectacular customer satisfaction rate of 96%.

Powerful Cell phone Monitoring Solution

The bright and colorful user interface enhances the user’s experience of monitoring one’s phone. With over 30+ cell phone monitoring features, Neatspy is more than a simple keylogger tool.

‘No Root’ Solution

To use Neatspy Android keylogger, you do NOT need to root the target device, yet you can monitor almost every activity on the target Android device.

100% Undetectable

Do you know what’s best about Neatspy? You can enjoy the aforementioned features without giving the target person a hint about being monitored! Neatspy is particularly tested and developed to ascertain the undetected mode of operation.

Millions of Customers across the Globe

Trusted by millions of users around the globe, Neatspy has a customer base in over 190 countries. There are several good reasons to explain Neatspy Keylogger’s leading position in the market.

Endorsed by Reputed Media Outlets

Neatspy is the most celebrated Android keylogger app in the market. It has been acclaimed and celebrated by reputed media institutions such as Forbes, New York Times, CNET, and Washington Post.

Most Attractive Features

1. Keylogging:

As already explained, keylogging is the feature with which you can find out all the buttons that your target individual is pressing on his Android. Once you have that information you can figure out their passwords, and gain complete access to their phone!

neatspy keylogger

2. Social Media tracking:

As already stated, once you have access to the passwords of a target individual, you have access to all their accounts. You can access their Facebook, Tinder, Twitter, Instagram, etc. As such you can find out all the messages they are exchanging with people and you can access their profiles.

3. GPS Tracking:

This is an important tool if you have kids. With this feature, you get real-time updates of where your kids are at any given point of time. You get live updates on your control panel.

4. Demo:

You can access a free demo so that you can find out about the interface before actually purchasing it.

5. Invisible keylogger for Android:

After you install Neatspy, you get an option to hide the icon from the window so that no one finds out the app has been installed into the phone. So, Neatspy is also an undetectable keylogger for Android.

How Does Neatspy Android Keylogger Work?

With the help of latest technologies, Neatspy provides a No Root solution for providing the keylogger feature.

You will need physical access to the target device once. Grab the download URL from the Neatspy Setup Wizard and install the application on to the target device. It will require several accessibility permissions on the target device.

The Neatspy Keylogger will work in 100% stealth mode. There is no trace of Neatspy icon after installation. It will covertly run in the background to capture the keystrokes on the device.

This data will be uploaded to the servers. You can open your web-based Neatspy Control Panel via any web browser. In the dashboard, choose ‘Keylogger’ to see the logged data as per application.

Neatspy is compatible with Android devices running Android 4.0 and higher.

How to use Neatspy Android Keylogger?

Getting started with Neatspy is a 3-step process.  No technical jargon is involved. Follow the Setup Wizard and you will be able to configure the Neatspy setup on target device smoothly.

  • Sign up to register an account.
  • Check out the subscription packages and get a feasible package to meet your cell phone tracking needs.
  • Configure the target device by following the instructions in the ‘Welcome’ email. For detailed instructions, refer to the Android Installation Guide here.
  • Open your web-based Control Panel.
  • Follow every key as it is stroked on the monitored device!


Although Neatspy comes in three pricing packages, the Basic Package will not suffice the keylogging needs.

In order to avail the keylogger functionality, you can purchase the Premium edition with 86% off. It will cost you only $9.99 per month for a 12-month license. The monthly edition will cost $49.99 and $69.99 is the cost of the 3-month license.

If you are a parent and looking forward to monitoring multiple devices at the same time, you shall opt for the Family package. You can acquire the 1-Month license of Family package for $69.99 and the 3-Month package for $99.99.

You may also choose to get the spy protection by subscribing to 12-Month license at an affordable cost of $16.66.

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#2 Best Android Keylogger –  Spyic

Spyic: #2 Best Android Keylogger
Spyic: #2 Best Android Keylogger

Spyic is another powerful and intuitively easy to use keylogger for Android devices. Know about every single character that is typed on the device and capture every tapped key with the help of Spyic.

Spyic is an exciting program that fulfills your keylogging needs. Read the deleted messages, extract the passwords of social accounts, get the password for email accounts, read notes and much more.

Enjoy all these features without rooting your target device! Get a hold of the device only once to download and set up the Spyic app. Once downloaded, the app icon is hidden automatically.

The Spyic keylogger runs silently and secretly in the background. It is a legitimate app and can be used for all legal purposes. Commonly, it is used for parental purposes and employee monitoring.

  • Easy and quick installation.
  • User-friendly control panel interface.
  • Works discreetly in the background of the target device.
  • Does not require rooting of the target phone.
  • Consumes less memory space.
  • Does not heat up the phone or battery.
  • No abrupt behavior is observed on the target device.

Best Features

Spyic is an affordable cell phone monitoring solution that comes with several useful features.

  • Android keylogger. You can use Spyic to keep an eye on the different messages one is writing at a given time.
  • Review call logs. Use Spyic to analyze the most frequently connected contacts. Know the details of the person, call duration, timestamp, and the profile photo.
  • Texts and notes. All types of personal messages that one might record on the phone can be reviewed through Spyic.
  • Track GPS location. The GPS tracker feature lets keep a track of the target device’s location in real time based on GPS data. Set up a virtual boundary and get geofence alert notifications when the boundary is crossed.
  • View photos and videos. You can view all the photos and videos which are stored on the phone. Additionally, you can see the media files shared over social apps.
  • Browser history. Take a look at where someone has gone while online by looking at the internet browsing history.
  • Check out Spyic Live Demo here!


Spyic is compatible with Android 4.0 or higher versions.

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#3 Best Android Keylogger: Spyier

Spyier: #3 Best Android Keylogger
Spyier: #3 Best Android Keylogger

Spyier is an exciting program to use for your keylogging needs. It is rather affordable and easy to install onto someone’s Android device. This works without a need to hack or jailbreak into someone’s phone.

Best Features

Spyier provides you with a smart design for tracking people:

  • Android keylogger. You can use Spyier to keep tabs on the different messages one is writing at a given time.
  • Review call logs. Use Spyier to analyze details on the most common contracts that a person has with the program.
  • Track GPS location. The GPS tracker feature lets you take a look at where someone is in real time based on GPS data.
  • View photos. You can review photos of all sorts with Spyier including ones taken on Instagram.
  • Browser history. Take a look at where someone has gone while online.
  • Texts and notes. All types of personal messages that one might record can be reviewed through Spyier.

How to Install Spyier Android Keylogger

Use these steps to install Spyier onto an Android device:

  1. Sign up free on Spyier.
  2. Use the instructions from Spyier to install the program on the target device. Make sure you select the appropriate operating system when getting this ready.
  3. Go to the settings menu on the device.
  4. Click on the Security option and choose to allow for the device to take in installations of items from places outside of the Play Store.
  5. Active the device administrator on Spyier and then click the proper icon to start monitoring a device.
  6. The program will then delete the icon on the phone and then start monitoring in the background.
  7. After this, you can quickly review what is happening on the device by using the Spyier program on your phone.


Spyier works on Android 4.0 or higher devices.


You will have to get the Ultimate Edition of Spyier to use it for keylogging an Android device. It costs $39.99 for a one-month license, $49.99 for three months of access or $99.99 for one year.


  • Does not require rooting or jailbreaking your phone
  • Simple control panel interface
  • Works quickly in the background of one’s device

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#4 Best Hidden Keylogger for Android: Minspy

Minspy App offers one of the best free Android keylogger apps in the market if you get a license for the regular Minspy app as well. It’s great because of how cheap and reliable it is. It doesn’t have the kind of brand recognition that mSpy has. It hasn’t been sponsored by large international institutions yet because of how young it is.

However, it deserves to be on this list because of how powerful and convenient it is at a very reasonable price. In fact, it’s minspy boxprobably one of the cheapest keylogger Android apps in the market!

Most Attractive Features

  • Free Android Keylogger: With Minspy, you also get access to a free Keylogger for Android with which you can watch over your children or your staff members. You can use it to access all of their social media such as Facebook, Viber, etc. All you have to do is sign up, then install the keylogger, and monitor the target accounts remotely!
  • Social Media Monitoring: Using the information from the free keylogger for Android app, you can track all social media accounts such as Facebook, Viber, Snapchat, etc.
  • Call Recording: You can remotely and secretly record all the calls coming in and going out of the phone. The recordings are then made available to you at your own control panel. You have the option to download the call recordings into your computer or access them online.
  • Demo: You can access a demo of the interface so you know what you’re getting into.
  • Free Invisible Keylogger for Android: While installing the app into the target phone, click on the option that says “Activate an invisible mode on the device.” This will make the app completely impossible to find in the target phone. After you’re done, you’ll be provided with a PIN number you’ll need if you want to access the app in the target phone again.
  • Keylogger Android No Root: You don’t need to root the Android device to access the free Android


Minspy is extremely reasonable and it gives you the option of getting the “Personal” or the “Family” package. Both of them come with a full set of features.

The Personal package can only monitor one device, and the Family package can monitor as many as 5 devices. You should use the latter if you’re an employer looking to monitor several employees, or if you’re a parent with several kids. With the Family package, you can save as much as 60% on every device. You can get the two packages for 1 month, 3 months, or 12 months.


  • Free keylogging app
  • Stealth Mode available
  • Powerful Features
  • Reasonable
  • No Rooting necessary


  • Free keylogging app
  • Stealth Mode available
  • Powerful Features
  • Reasonable
  • No Rooting necessary

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#5 Best Free Keylogger for Android: Spyine

Spyine hails itself as the best keylogger Android app for parental and employee monitoring. Luckily, that self-proclamation does hold up under scrutiny in this case.

Spyine as the most attractive website. It ‘s convenient and useful.  spyine boxIt’s better than most of spying Apps among the market.

Besides, Spyine App brings great value for a very reasonable cost. In addition to that, it’s also reliable, having been sponsored by DailyMail and TNW.

Most Attractive Features

  • Keylogging: Spyine stores up all the data regarding the keystrokes and passwords and even pasted texts in a clipboard. So you can always find out what the target individual is typing. As such you can find out all their messages, and better yet, you can also find out about their passwords!
  • Access Social Media: Since you have access to all the passwords thanks to the keylogger tool, you can access apps such as Hangouts, Instagram, Kik, Viber, Facebook, Skype, Snapchat, or all other social media as well. You can even access their eMails.
  • SMS and Call Logs: This is a fairly common feature in all spy and keylogger Android You can view all messages sent and received, and you even get call logs. However, Spyine also records the calls so you can hear them later or use them as evidence.
  • Demo: They offer a free online demo so you know what the interface is like before purchasing it.
  • Android keylogger possible without root: You don’t have to root the target Android if you want to use the keylogger for the following languages – EN, DE, FR, IT, RU, ES, and PT. However, if you want to use keylogger Android for any other language, then you’ll need to perform a rooting.
  • Invisible: Spyine works entirely in the background so that the target Android user will not become aware of the fact that they are being spied on. The app hides on start-up itself, it’s hidden from settings as well, and it also hides any rooting information.


  • Android3 – 7.x
  • Rooting not necessary.


The great thing about Spyine in terms of price packaging is that it doesn’t overwhelm you with options. There’s only one package, including all features, which is available for 1 month or 12 months.

  • Cost for 1 month: $49.99/m
  • Cost for 12 months: $24.99/m


  • Powerful Features
  • Reasonable
  • Rooting not Necessary

#6 Best Keylogger for Android No Root: FlexiSpy

FlexiSpy is undoubtedly one of the most powerful keylogger Android apps in the market. However, the reason it doesn’t make it into the top 3 is that it’s also the most expensive of all the other keylogger Android apps. However, its features are powerful and it’s seriously reliable as I mentioned in the FlexiSPY review.

If you’re looking for additional features beyond keylogging, and if you want the most powerful app in the market, FlexiSPY is the one for you.

FlexiSPY Android Keylogger

Most Attractive Features

  1. Keylogging: FlexiSPY has a keylogger that can record all the buttons being typed in the target phone. With this feature, you can gain access to all your kid’s social media accounts, find out what your employees are up to, and collect evidence for legal purposes.
  2. Call Interception: With this feature, you can listen into conversations as they’re happening. You can be added as a third party into a conversation and you can listen to it silently without the other person knowing you’re on the line.
  3. Call Recording: You can even record the calls if you don’t have the time to listen and then revisit them later.
  4. Social Media Monitoring: It can spy on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, KiK, Tinder, Hangouts, Telegram, and most other social media apps as well.
  5. Rooting Necessary: You have to physically install the app into the target phone and you need to root it first.
  6. Undetectable Keylogger for Android: You have the option to hide the icon from the target phone and to remove any traces of rooting as well.
  7. Demo: You can also view a demo of the interface.


  • Till Android OS 6.0.1
  • Rooting Necessary


FlexiSPY is the most expensive keylogger Android app in the market, and it’s available in Extreme and Premium Packages.

Extreme starts at $199 for 3 months, and Premium starts at $68 for 1 month. Both of them are capable of keylogging. To get a detailed overview of the price for different packages and license periods, go here >


  • Extremely Powerful Features
  • Extremely Reliable


  • Rooting Necessary
  • Extremely Expensive

#7 Best Keystroke Logger for Android: Highster Mobile

The reason that Highster Mobile makes for such a great keylogger for Android is because of its simplicity and minimalism. Highster Mobile is a no-fuss, simple, easy-to-navigate keylogger Android app.

In addition to that, it’s also the cheapest one in the market, and it doesn’t offer different packages, and it doesn’t offer monthly licenses. A single package, one time fees. Take it or leave it.

Most Attractive Features

  1. Keylogging: It has a very rudimentary keylogger feature with which you can find out all the buttons pressed in a target’s phone.
  2. Social Media Monitoring: It can track messages on all social media apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc.
  3. Rooting Necessary: If you want to use it as a keylogger, you’ll have to root the device first. Only then can you use keylogging on it and hack into social media.
  4. Invisible: It doesn’t leave a trace in the target phone.
  5. No Online Demo is available for Highster Mobile. However, it does offer a money-back guarantee in case the keylogger Android app isn’t to your satisfaction.


  • Android OS 2.1+
  • Rooting Necessary for Social Media Monitoring
  • Physical Access necessary


It’s the cheapest keylogger Android app in the market. It costs only $69.99, and there are no monthly licensing fees.


  • Cheapest keylogging app
  • Reliable
  • Decent features
  • Single time payment


  • No online demo
  • Rooting necessary
  • Features aren’t advanced

#8 Best Cell Phone Keylogger: TheTruthSpy

TheTruthSpy is a hidden keylogger Android app that can be used to track other devices discreetly. It is perfectly suited to be used with Android phones. It boasts a bunch of really advanced features, many of which are very powerful.

However, this Android keylogger app is not at all reliable and comes with terrible reviews from clients and customers. As such, you should be wary of it.

Most Attractive Features

  1. Keylogging: You can check out all the buttons being pressed in the Android phone and go through them in your control panel.
  2. Social Media Monitoring: Once you’ve acquired all the passwords, you can monitor WhatsApp, Snapchat, Viber, Skype, Facebook, and all other social media.
  3. Ambient Listening: Activate the microphone to listen to what is happening in the target phone’s surroundings.
  4. Call Recording: Record live conversations from the target phone as they happen. However, call tapping is illegal in a lot of countries and states, so be careful while using this feature.
  5. Rooting Necessary: If you want to use the advanced features listed above, you need to root the target phone.
  6. Invisible: After installing, you can press a button to hide the icon from the target phone.
  7. Android Keylogger App Free 48 Hours: You get a 2 days trial period with this keylogger, so you don’t have to commit to something blindly.
  8. No Demo is available for The Truth Spy.


  • Android: 2.2 to 5.x
  • Rooting Necessary for Keylogging


You can purchase one of three packages – Standard, Premium, or Gold – for a period of 1 month to 12 months. The price ranges from $16.99 for Standard 1 month to $149.99 for Gold 12 months.


  • Free 48 hours trial
  • Powerful Features


  • Terrible Reviews
  • No Online Demo

#9 Best Phone Keylogger: Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy is an Android keylogger app generally used to monitor children and employees. It can help detect all the secrets being kept within social media apps and accounts.

In addition to keylogging, MobileSpy can also engage in a lot of other spy functions quite well. It can monitor text messages and calls, social media and mail. It can even set up profanity alerts for children or set up a geo-fencing range to be notified when the target moves outside of it.

Most Attractive Features

  1. Keylogging: This feature will allow you to check out all the keystrokes of your children and employee’s Android As such, you can figure out all their passwords and details.
  2. Social Media Monitoring: Once you have the passwords, you can monitor all social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. As such, you can not only read all their conversations and activity, you can also pretend to be them. However, the latter option isn’t recommended.
  3. Rooting Necessary: To be used as a keylogger, you’ll have to root the target device.
  4. Completely Visible: Due to a recent change, MobileSpy is now a completely visible app. As such, you can only install it on your children or employee’s phones after their explicit approval.
  5. Demo: An online interface demo is available.


  • It’s compatible with all Android phones.


There are two packages – Basic, and Premium. Both of them are available for a period of 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months. Keylogging is available on both packages.


  • Wide range of features
  • Compatible with all Android phones


  • It cannot be hidden
  • Rooting is necessary

#10 Mobile Phone Keylogger: XNSPY

XNSPY is a relatively new but still powerful Android keylogger tool. Because of how new it is in the industry it’s not very reliable. However, its future seems promising. It offers both online and offline tracking features and offers multiple packages for business and personal users.

Most Attractive Features

  1. Keylogging: Like all other apps in this list, this too has a decent keylogger.
  2. Social Media Monitoring: XNSpy can track Facebook, iMessage, WhatsApp, Viber, Instagram, Kik, and Tinder. It’s not as wide as a lot of other keylogger Android apps in this list, but at least all the popular ones are included.
  3. Ambient Listening and Recording: You can activate the phone microphone so that you can listen to the surroundings and even record them if necessary.
  4. Rooting necessary: It’s essential to root the Android device to monitor it.
  5. Invisible: The icon can be hidden in the target phone so no one will find out.
  6. Demo: An online demo is available.


  • Android x, 5.x, 6.x & 7.0
  • Rooting necessary


There are two packages available – Basic, and Premium. You can get them for a monthly license, quarterly, or yearly. However, keylogging and all the advanced features are only available in the Premium Edition, which starts with $59.99 a month.


  • Powerful Features


  • New and thus not very reliable
  • Rooting necessary

#11 Best Cell Phone Keylogger for Android: Copy9

Copy9 is a keylogger created so that it can track a victim’s phone and let you access all their private data and secrets. Once the app is activated in the target’s phone, all the information is sent from the victim’s phone to

However, this has to be done through WiFi. You can also download a free keylogger for Android APK in which you can do the basic monitoring like Call logs, Message logs, GPS tracking, etc.

Most Attractive Features

  1. Keylogging: It can capture all the keystrokes being made by the target phone. As such, you can determine all the messages and passwords necessary.
  2. Social Media Monitoring: You can track all instant messaging and social media apps such as Viber, Facebook, Messenger, Yahoo, etc.
  3. Ambient Listening and Recording: You can hear live audio around the target phone, if the phone has a good WiFi connection.
  4. Rooting not necessary: You can access keylogger history even without rooting the device.
  5. Invisible: The app icon can be hidden from the target phone.
  6. No demo is available for this app.


Android 4+ only


There are three packages available – Standard, Premium, and Gold. The licenses available are for the periods of 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months.


  • Rooting not necessary


  • No online demo

#12 Best Keylogger for Android: Appmia

Appmia is a new and powerful keylogger for Android that can be used to monitor any smartphone you want discreetly. Even though it’s a relatively new app, it has been sponsored by CNN, Yahoo, BBC, and Crunch Base. As such, its future seems promising, and it’s very reliable.

Most Attractive Features

  1. Keylogging: The keylogger feature enables you to find out all the passwords and messages in the target phone. It gives you access to all the buttons being pressed on the smartphone.
  2. Social Media Tracking: You can view the messages in social media and instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, Viber, iMessage, and Messenger.
  3. Phone Hijack: With the control panel you can takeover controls of the phone completely. You can even block websites, contacts, calls, and applications.
  4. Rooting necessary: Rooting the target Android phone is necessary.
  5. Invisible: You can hide the icon and the evidence of rooting.
  6. Demo: A sleek and interactive online demo is available.


Appmia offers a Basic, Premium, and a Lifetime package. The basic license can be purchased for 1 month, 6 months, or 12 months. The premium license can be purchased for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months. Lifetime package doesn’t have any licensing period, however, it can be used to monitor either 1 or 2 devices.


  • Lifetime package available
  • Reliable because of its sponsorships
  • Capable of phone hijack


  • Rooting Necessary
  • Expensive


In this whole article, I’ve given a detailed description of a lot of different keylogger for Android apps. You should, of course, opt for one of the top 3 Android keylogger apps as they are the most reasonably priced, reasonable, and reliable apps.

However, you can also go through the others so that you’re sure about the keylogger Android app that you eventually purchase.

Whatever you decide, do let me know about your decision down in the comments section, and if you have any questions then ask away!