Snapchat Betrayal: How to Catch Someone Cheating on Snapchat

“Is my spouse cheating on me?” “He looks too happy and addicted to Snapchat these days. Is he snapcheating me?” “Is there a way to see my girlfriend’s Snapchat’?” “The moments quickly disappear. How do I catch if my spouse is cheating on Snapchat?”

Yes, your spouse may be cheating on you.

Relationships are complicated.

Cheating, betrayal, and unfaithfulness are common in the loving bond between spouses. People have always been and will always be infidel in their relationships. The ways and forms of cheating may vary, though.

They meet new people and socialize with them. These apps have played a big role in bringing people together. Yet, a bigger role in distancing from one’s real-life partner. Usually, the interaction is harmless, sometimes it may change their feelings drastically and makes them cheat on their spouses.

Snapchat takes cheating to another level of cyberspace betrayal as it is pretty hard to sneak into someone’s Snapchat log. Yet, you don’t need to worry because we are going to tell how to catch a betrayal spouse on Snapchat.

Continue reading to know how you can use Neatspy app and find out if your spouse is cheating on Snapchat.


Part 1: What is Snapchat Cheating?

1.1 Understanding Snapchat Cheating or Snapcheat

Snapchat is a fun and vibrant app for sharing moments. What makes Snapchat one of a kind from all other networking apps is its USP. Snapchat enables people to communicate without leaving a trace.

Snapchat lets you share a moment and vanishes it within the next 10 seconds. When you try to sneak inside your spouse’s mobile phone, you will see a clean log. Your partner does not need to hide or delete anything.

Simply put, Snapchat cleans up the evidence of betrayal for the cheating spouse.

When your spouse uses Snapchat as a tool to cheat on you emotionally, it is referred to as ‘Snapchat Cheating’ or ‘Snapcheating’.

1.2 Emotional cheating vs. physical cheating

We are well familiar with the idea of physical cheating in a relationship. To reiterate, physical cheating involves having intimate relationships with a person, other than your legitimate spouse. It is a traditional form of betrayal in relationships.

Physical cheating is an obvious perilous area for any long term relationship. All faithful people out there discuss and condemn physical cheating, yet remain oblivious of a more intense cheating form – ‘Emotional Cheating’.

The relationship with your spouse is based on love, emotions, and intimacy. If your spouse gives pieces of emotions to someone else and develops a strong emotional bond with the other person, it’s called ‘Emotional Cheating’.

Emotional cheating is initiated when two people share common likes and dislikes. It begins with hilarious jokes and sultry discussions. Gradually, they begin to share their troubles via chat messages. Eventually, they share their fun moment with each other instantly through Snapchat.

The act of sharing emotional moments with another person kicks the spouse aside and begins to deteriorate the relationship.

Part 2: How to Tell If Your Partner Is Snapchat Cheating

Emotional cheating is hard to identify. Some people may not even realize that they are Snapchat cheating on their partners. However, you need to beware of your spouse’s actions and protect your relationship from an intruder.

Let us list down a few sneaky signs that will help you find out if your partner is Snapcheating on you.

Sign #1: They don’t let you touch their phone.

This is the first red sign for your relationship. There is something fishy if the person who shares the bed with you does not let you touch mobile phone. Perhaps, there is some conversation or contact to hide from you.

Sign #2: The preview of notifications is off.

When two people live together and share the same room, it becomes difficult to keep the phone away from the other person all the time.

Your spouse is smart and does not endeavor to hide the mobile phone and raise your eyebrow. That is why he/she has set the phone preview notification settings to ‘Off’.

It is clear that they don’t want other people, especially you, to see what is coming on their phone when they are not around.

Sign #3: They Snapchat frequently.

If you see your partner glued to the Snapchat and sharing moments as they happen, you need to know who is on the other side.

Check out the friend emoji of your spouse. If you are not on the top of their list, as you used to be, you have got the clue that your spouse is snap-cheating you.

Sign #4: They are distancing themselves from you.

This is a tell-tale sign that someone else is grabbing your spouse’s attention. If your spouse is betraying you, he/she will lose interest in you. No matter how much they try to cover up, they could not give you the same attention and your loving heart would feel the lack of affection.

You can still make an effort to save your relationship if you perceive this at the onset of your spouse’s affair.

Sign #5: They are expressive with someone other than you.

If your spouse is using Snapchat to constantly share ideas, feelings, and problems with someone, he/she might be on the first step of the emotional cheating.

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Take the matters in hand and stop them from Snapchat cheating.

Part 3: How to Catch a Cheating Spouse on Snapchat?

Snapchat removes the shared moments within a few seconds so it becomes pretty hard to catch a cheating spouse on Snapchat without using a phone spy app.

If you read between the lines and notice any of the cheating signs, you shall not take the risk on your relationship. Get a hold on the issue and grab the Neatspy app to dig out the details.

What is Neatspy App?

Neatspy is a phone monitoring software with over 30+ features to assist you in keeping an eye on your cheating spouse. Neatspy keeps a track of all the activities that occur on the phone. This record appears in your web-based Control panel.

How can Neatspy help me?

Neatspy can help you catch your cheating spouse on Snapchat. Neatspy retrieves the Snapchat conversations for you.

You can see and read the conversations remotely. You can also view the images as they share moments on Snapchat.

Not only Snapchat, but Neatspy will also get you access to your spouse’s all other social networking accounts.

As relationships are very delicate to deal with, it is recommended to be sure of your suspicions before you point your finger.

Once you get evidence of Snapcheating, spy into Facebook, WhatsApp, LINE and Instagram accounts. If your spouse is betraying you, there are chances that he/she is connected with the culprit on other social accounts too..

Nonetheless, they may have exchanged their phone numbers. Neatspy lets you see the call history and details of the contact, call duration, call timing and status.

Moreover, you can also read SMS messages and confirm your suspicions.

The Neatspy location tracker serves as the final nail in the coffin to assert if they are meeting in person. You can also set a geofence alert and get a notification when your spouse enters or exits the culprit’s neighborhood.

Check out our live demo to see the features yourself.

Why should I trust Neatspy?

Now, you might be thinking about why you should trust Neatspy. Well, there are several good reasons to do so.

Neatspy is a professional and leading phone monitoring software used by millions of people in over 190 countries across the globe.

Neatspy is a reliable software and endorsed by well-reputed media outlets, such as Forbes, PC World, CNET, etc.

Neatspy is a 100% secure and legit app. It does not contain any virus or malicious software to steal your information.

It is a legitimate app and protects your device too. Neatspy doesn’t require you to root or jailbreak the device. Thus, it neither voids the warranty nor exposes it to vulnerability.

How can I get Neatspy?

You can get Neatspy in 3 easy setups.

Step 1: Sign up to Neatspy

Register yourself to Neatspy and get a free account now.

Step 2: Setup your Spouse’s Phone

Once you get an account and a premium subscription, you can set up your spouse’s mobile phone. Neatspy setup wizard will help you configure the device within minutes.

Step 3: Catch your Cheating Spouse

Open your Neatspy Control Panel and start monitoring your spouse’s activity.

We wish your doubts come out to be baseless. If they are not baseless, you will catch your cheating spouse via Neatspy’s powerful tracking features.

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Part 4: How to Stop Them Snapchat Cheating

By now, Neatspy may have confirmed your suspicions. We know it is sad and disappointing to get cheated by your spouse. Despite everything, we urge you to take control of affairs in your hand, talk to your loved one and sort out the matter.

Here are a few tips for curbing the illicit Snapchat cheating affair.

Tip #1: Talk to your Spouse

The classic way of handling issues in any relationship is to talk about them. Talk to your spouse about the Snapchat cheating.

It is not necessary to show them the evidence of snapcheating, else they will start blaming you for spying on them. Just tell them about your instincts and how you are feeling distant. Tell them, how important the relationship is for you and how you can continue together.

You may need to admit a few mistakes, clarify some misunderstandings, take vows to make things work and fall in love with each other again.

Tip #2: Rekindle the Spark

As time passes on, the excitement fades from the relationship and everything becomes a routine. This routine can bore your spouse and become a cause to cheat on you.

The best way to fix this is to spend some time together. Plan vacations, enjoy each other’s company and bridge the communication gap that might have come due to busy schedules and hectic routines.

Tip #3: Set Them Free

There is an old age saying that true love always finds its way back. So, if you think you are not able to convince or stop your spouse from cheating on you, set them free.

Don’t pressurize them for anything. Let things happen and see the course of affairs. If it is meant to be, it will be.

There is a chance that your spouse realizes how wrong emotional cheating is. There is a chance that the infatuation washes away when you give a reality check.

We sincerely wish that Neatspy finds no evidence of Snapchat cheating and both of you find happiness together.