How to Find Out If Someone Is Married

Found a woman (or a man) that you just met and you want to know if they are married? However, asking such a question can be awkward. Or at times, you feel that they lied about their marital status.

In either case, it can be helpful if you knew how to find out if someone is married. That could save you a lot of trouble and clear all your doubts. Not only that, but it can also give you an idea about how to proceed.

However, it can be confusing wondering how to even start. While it can seem like a goliath task at first, with my ways it is as simple as pie.

I will even tell you signs that married people often display if they are trying to hide your marriage. Read the blog to the very end to find out. It might come as very helpful to you!

I will give you a free way and ways that are even better than the free way. Surprising, right? Read on to find out how.

Part 1: How to Find Out if Someone is Married – The Free Way

Unless you are a pro at reading body signs and symbols, the only free way to find out for sure that someone is married is to check the public records.

You can visit the county office and check the marriage records of the person. If the person has been married, you are sure to find the marriage license in the county office.

You don’t have to pay any fee for it unless you want to take a copy of the marriage license. See, as I promised, it’s free.

However, the major takeaway is that you would be wasting a lot of time. If you have heard the old saying ‘time is money’, the free way will end up being even costlier than the other way.

Not only that, it can be a possibility that the person was married in another county. What will you do then? There is nothing much you can do if you are unsure of the county.

So how to find out if someone is married without doing so much effort and wasting so much time? Simple. Follow the next way that I am about to tell you.

Part 2: How to Find Out if Someone is Married – The Better Way

There is a better way than just spending hours and hours in a public records office and getting no result in the end.

Technology has progressed very far and you no longer need to do manual searches anymore.

You can utilize the power of the internet and use various features that offer you such services for a very reasonable price (it might even cost you less than the fare to the records office).

Here are three of the best people search directories I have found on the internet. You would have fun using them (you should check each one out at least once before deciding on your favourite).

2.1 Zabasearch

Zabasearch is a people finder service that can give you complete information about anyone’s identity.

For this purpose, you only need any particular information about that person. For example, you could search them through their phone number, through their name, and even through the white pages.


You can get the basic information like their name, age, previous employments and known relatives for free. For a detailed report and background check, you would have to pay for it.

However, their pricing is so cheap that you wouldn’t really mind paying for it even if you don’t need it.

2.2 TruePeopleSearch

At the first look, TruePeopleSearch might not look much with their website consisting of just a search box and a human verification captcha.

However, once you do the human verification (takes around one second), you will be led to the homepage.

It offers to search for someone by their name, reverse phone lookup, or by the reverse address.

Therefore, if you have any such information about the person, you can use their search box to find the person.

The interesting thing about this feature is that it is free. You just need to search for a person and you will get their name, phone numbers, addresses, relatives, and so much more without any cost.


You will know so much more than just the marital status of the person. And that too, for no cost at all.

If you want a detailed background report about the person, you might have to pay a fee (negligible).

The background report will have all data like bankruptcies, criminal records, etc.

2.3 Spydialer

Spydialer is another cool way to check anyone’s marital status. It is similar to functioning with Zabasearch and TruePeopleSearch.

Through Spydialer, you can search people with their addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, and, of course, their name.


If you are searching for someone by their phone number, It offers you a free number of searches daily after which you would have to pay.

While I find its interface a little less engaging than the other two options above, it is no less in features.

Therefore, you should go ahead and try it out as well.

Benefits of These Solutions

These solutions are not only affordable, but they are very easy to use as well. All you have to do is head over to their website. Their searches are as simple as Google searches.

Not only that, they don’t require you to install any software and are very time saving. Therefore, their prices wouldn’t even be a factor that’d matter.

And they are linked to several databases and have billions of entries. Therefore, their information is guaranteed to be 100% accurate.

Part 3: Signs of a Married Person

If you want to tell that a person is married or not all by yourself, you can do that by reading their body language and other signs.

However, this might have very less probability of knowing for sure. You will often end up making mistakes since psychological analysis isn’t always reliable.

I will give you the signs here all the same. Here you go…

1. The Ring:

The ring is a sure indicator of marriage that is very easy to catch. If they have a ring, they are married.

However, most people tend to remove their ring if they want to hide about their marriage. How do you find out in this case?

Simple. Check for a tan line on their ring finger. If there is one, they are probably married and hiding it from you.

2. Mysterious Behavior:

If someone is hiding their marriage, they will behave in a mysterious manner. For example, if you ask them about their social media accounts, they will say they don’t use social media or simply change the conversation. If you ask to pick them up from their house for a date, they will say no very assertively.

3. Restrictions:

A married person will always behave in a restricted manner. For example, they will have restrictions on how long they can meet you. Also, they will only be able to meet you on specific days at a specified time.

4. Interruptions:

When you are spending time with them, they might get calls repeatedly which they’d try to ignore. This is a very probable sign that the person has someone on the side.

5. Guilt:

If they are married, they might often be stuck by guilt. If you feel that they are sad for no reason or brooding over something, they might be feeling guilty about cheating on their significant other.

These signs are indications that a person might be married. As you can see, in certain cases they might apply to people who aren’t married too.

Therefore, I wouldn’t call it a sure shot way of knowing if someone is married.

The Final Answer

If you want definite proof that someone is married, there is no better way than the methods I mentioned in Part 2.

These will not only give you the marital information of the person but also other information as well. If you are interested to know about the person, you will find every bit of this info helpful.

Therefore, why not try these methods and know how to find out if someone is married within minutes?