20+ Signs of Cheating Girlfriend

‘She looks more beautiful and happy these days. Is my love the reason behind it?’‘I am insecure in the relationship. Do I really need to ?’ ‘I’m no longer a priority for her. Do I have to worry about it? ’‘She goes off the grid for long. What’s going at her side?’ ‘My girl can not spare much time for me, now. Is she cheating on me?’’‘What are the signs of cheating girlfriend?’ ‘How do I know if she is cheating on me?’

Relationships are lovely. They give you a feeling of belonging and comfort. If you start questioning the loyalty of your relationships, on the contrary, the same relationships can cause serious unrest in your life.

Don’t baffle between ‘I trust her’ and ‘Should I trust her?’.

Take a look at the 20+ signs of a cheating girlfriend and know for sure if you should trust her.


Part 1: Signs of a Cheating Girlfriend

Sign # 1: She’s happier and you’re not the reason for her happiness

She has often started smiling as she is happy these days. If it’s not you who makes her happy, someone else is probably doing the job.

She smiles even if she looks at the screen quickly. If it’s a joke, she will share it with you. If not, it is probably a flirtatious and naughty message.

Sign # 2: She becomes more aware of her appearance

A new affair is always thrilling. If your girlfriend is going the extra mile to look more attractive and fashionable, she might be trying to impress someone. She may have started taking longer baths, taking more time to get ready and wearing the best of her wardrobe. Observe if she’s doing all this to make you particularly happy or if she’s going without you somewhere.

Don’t doubt your girlfriend if it’s her routine to take hours to get ready.

Sign # 3: Too busy at work

The classic excuse of cheating spouses is ‘ being busy at work. ‘ This excuse breaks down quickly if your girlfriend cheats. Ask her about the details of her work and you can easily figure out if she is making up the stories or telling the truth.

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Sign # 4: She asks more about your schedule

She is more concerned about your whereabouts these days. She begins to ask for more details about your working hours, meetings and dinner outings. If she takes a lot of interest when you’re not going to spend time together, it’s alarming.

She may be looking for a window of availability to see somebody else.

Sign # 5: She finds issues out of nothing

When a girlfriend cheats on you, she displays less tolerance. She gets quickly irritated and begins fighting out of nothing. She also starts to find problems of compatibility between you.


Sign # 6: The talks are shortened

The conversations are becoming shorter between you two. She has nothing to talk about with you. She can tell you about her day only briefly, but she omits the details. Probably because she’s been talking to someone else and doesn’t have the energy left for you.

Even if you haven’t engaged in conversations for hours before, it becomes quite evident when behavior shifts abruptly. Someday it’s normal for a person to feel less talkative. However, you need to be careful if you don’t have meaningful conversations anymore.

Sign # 7: She needs more lone time

Another sign to look for is when she begins to act privately. She now needs lone time, and she’s missing hours before responding to your calls and messages.

It is understandable that we all need some personal space in relationships. Notice if she needs more space than she had previously needed.

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Sign # 8: Suddenly a new friend is here

The first and most significant sign of a cheating girlfriend is the sudden entry of a new friend. This charming new friend pops in the conversation between you two. If you try to criticize or question him, your girlfriend finds a justification for everything he does.

Sign # 9: All plans are incomplete without him

The charismatic new friend is now a part of all plans. She excuses nicely when you call her to go somewhere together and tells you she’s going with the other friend.

Sign # 10: She has new interests

She has developed new interests. New things have sparked her interest these days, which had not been noticed before.

She is now open to new experiences. Perhaps as a result of the new entrant’s company in her life.

Sign # 11: You are not her center of the universe

You’re no longer her top priority. She forgets to call you to wake up, postpone lunch plans and excuse you to go to movies together.

Sign # 12: Urges you to spend time with your friends

She liked to spend the maximum free time together. Now, her stance is changed. She is convinced for separate activities and even urges you to spend time with your friends.

Sign # 13: Changes topic abruptly

She changes the subject immediately or shows complete disinterest when you bring a particular person’s name to the discussion. This abrupt behavior shows that she is trying to hide her feelings from you.

Sign # 14: Does not look into eyes while talking

An obvious sign of a cheating girlfriend is that while talking she doesn’t look in your eyes. Unless she’s a good liar, she’ll feel guilty to hide her infidelity and avoid eye contact.

Sign #15: Hesitant to express affection

Even the phrase ‘ I love you ‘ has lost the charm, and when she tells you she sounds monotonous.


Sign #16: Avoids being physical in gatherings

At social gatherings, she was comfortable being physical with you, but now she’s avoiding doing so. If you’re trying to make a move and wrap your arm around it, she’ll put it aside politely.

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Sign # 17: Sex does not excite her

She keeps a distance in bed these days. Maybe she doesn’t stop you from being intimate, but she doesn’t respond with the same passion. You know that as you feel it.

Sign # 18: Something is on her mind

She may be physically present with you, but her mind is occupied by something else. While she’s at your place, she’s in a hurry to go and cater to her other things.

Sign #19: She is not planning a future together

When she is serious in a relationship, a woman sees and plans a future together. You’re probably just a ‘ time pass ‘ for her if she doesn’t. If at the moment she doesn’t cheat you, she’ll do it soon.

Sign # 20: She is just not happy

Suddenly, she has a problem with how you’re talking, how you’re dressing, or how you’re dealing with things. She’ll tell you one way or the other that she’s unhappy.


Part 2: How to catch her cheating using Neatspy?

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