Is My Wife Cheating? 20+ Signs of A Cheating Wife

Cheating is a modern pandemic. Going by the results of a survey, over half of all committed couples cheat on their partners:

  • 55% of males cheated on their partners with five or more people
  • 50% of females cheated on their partners with at least one person

If you’re here reading this, you’re probably worried your wife is cheating on you. Unless you’ve been on the rocks for a while, it’s not a pleasant feeling. It may be eating you up on the inside. You may have trouble functioning.

It’s a difficult, painful situation. But before you fall apart, get angry, and accuse your wife of infidelity, it’s best to make sure she’s actually cheating. You don’t want paranoia to destroy a perfectly good relationship.

cheating wife

The signs your wife are cheating are easy to spot if you dig deep enough. You may need to do a little detective work to be sure, though.  So do you want to know how to catch your wife cheating?

20+ Signs of a Cheating Wife

Why do people cheat? The reasons are many. Sometimes it’s a lack of emotional fulfillment. At other times, the sex life is falling short of expectations. Occasionally, work or financial problems may unbalance a partner.

In this article, we give you over 20 unmistakable signs your wife is being unfaithful:

1. The intimacy is gone

When was the last time your wife let her walls come down? Does she still let you in at all? If you don’t share much intimacy anymore, it’s a major red flag. It means she’s disconnected from you and the relationship.

Intimacy is at the core of every real, healthy, committed relationship. If the intimacy you shared has dried up, there’s doubtlessly something wrong with yours. She’s probably getting her dose of intimacy elsewhere.

2. She treats you differently

Do you often find yourself thinking your relationship isn’t what it used to be? If she interacts with you differently or says she’s a different person, she’s not as invested in you as she used to be.

The way you treat your partner says a lot about the current state of a relationship. If you’re being treated with indifference, it could be she’s found someone else she can share her affection with.

3. You don’t hear those three words much – or at all

We all want to be told we’re loved. If your spouse is holding back the “I love you’s”, it’s a big point of concern. It shows she’s either having second thoughts about you or is distancing herself from you emotionally.

If you still hear the crucial three words, just not as much as before, she still cares about you. It could still mean she’s cheating on you though. You’ll have to be on the lookout for other signs of infidelity.

4. She says she needs space

She tells you she needs space. She says she feels stifled in the relationship and she wants to be free. What does she need space or freedom for? Maybe she wants the freedom to be with someone else.

In a happy, strong relationship, couples feel free together. If a partner feels the other is weighing them down or holding them back in some way, it’s a sure sign they’re not committed to you anymore.

5. She’s making money

Money is heady and intoxicating for both men and women. Wealthy people are much more likely to cheat. If your wife is raking in the moolah, she may be tempted to live it up with other wealthy people.

Financial power is exactly that – power. And power tends to corrupt. Of course, not all women who make money cheat. But the higher the income, the higher the temptations she has to resist.

6. She works far too much

We all tend to get attached to the people we spend the most time with. If your wife is working, she’s going to be attached to her work colleagues. Sometimes those work colleagues will be men. Sparks will fly.

If your spouse suddenly starts to work too much, you should be concerned. But don’t jump to conclusions just yet. It may just be a phase where extra responsibilities have piled up. Observe and listen to your gut.

7. Your spouse was married before

You may not like thinking about it. But if your spouse was hitched to someone else before, is she really the type who commits forever? It’s different with you, though, you think. You could be right –or maybe you’re in denial.

It’s a known fact that second and third marriages have high failure rates. Your spouse may not be one for settling down, though she clings to the marital security. Ask yourself if it’s true. You know her best.

8. Your spouse is good-looking

Good-looking women will always be hit on. Guys will make passes at her at work, when she’s out doing the groceries, or when she’s picking up the kids from school. There’s no getting around the fact.

Her faithfulness depends on the strength of your bond. But no one is perfect. Everyone has moments of weakness. If a handsome guy hit on her, maybe she flirted back. One thing led to another. You know the story.

9. There have been huge behavior changes

Have there been radical changes in your spouse’s personality lately? She’s suddenly more outgoing than before maybe. Or perhaps she spends more time with her makeup and clothes than is normal.

Her behavior may seem like a good sign to you, at first. She’s happier and engaged with life, you think. But then she begins to stonewall you. And then you wonder: “Has she changed because of someone else?”

10. The sex has stopped – or it’s different

If your sex life is dead and buried, you know something’s wrong, especially if it’s been a while since you last had sex. Your spouse may claim she’s tired or makes other excuses. But tiredness doesn’t last forever.

Alternatively, your sex life may have changed out of the blue. Your wife’s far more enthusiastic or experimental. She may be having sex with you physically, but she’s making love to someone else in her mind.

11. Her attitude has changed

In a relationship, attitude is everything. In relationships that are going well, both partners are positive about the future. They feel good about the relationship, and each other. The attitude is optimistic and upbeat.

Is your spouse suddenly more pessimistic than she used to be? She may express her disdain for some things you do. Or she may even tell you she’s unhappy with you. If she’s unhappy, she feels justified in cheating.

12. She’s lying or keeping secrets

Trust is the foundation of all relationships. You trust your partner to tell you the truth. If that’s not how it is with the both of you, there’s trouble brewing. If your wife isn’t open about her activities, there’s trouble brewing.

Healthy relationships are open. You don’t keep secrets from the ones you’re closest to. If your wife has a secret, it’s probably something you’re not going to like. Worst case scenario – it’s an affair.

13. She’s spending more than she used to

Is your wife racking up the credit card bills? That may or may not be unusual. But if she has trouble explaining away all the expenses, you should be wary. She could be spending money on her affair.

Check for bills to bars, restaurants, hotels, and restaurants. Where the money is spent will tell you a lot about what your wife is up to – and with whom. Draw your conclusions based on your findings.

14. She won’t let you touch her phone

Everyone’s protective of their phones. But you have to wonder when your spouse acts jumpy when she sees you eyeing her phone. If you try taking it from her and she snatches it away, she’s hiding something.

Your wife deserves her privacy, there’s no doubt about it. When she guards it a little too zealously, though, it’s likely to be an extra-marital affair. Be wary of strange calls from unknown numbers.

15. She’s reached a certain age

People change as they grow older. Their tastes change. Women over 30 have different expectations and needs than women under 30. Your spouse may have changed and wants to “explore” her options.

If your spouse has reached an important age milestone recently – she turned 25, 30, or 40 years – and her behavior has changed, she could be cheating on you. Watch for the other signs we’ve listed here.

16. Your spouse doesn’t want to hang around with you much

If your spouse has started to avoid you, it’s a sure sign of emotional withdrawal. It means you make her uncomfortable. You may remind her of old times and she detests that. Or maybe you make her nervous.

Your spouse may also begin to avoid your friends and family. She may decline invitations to social gatherings. If she doesn’t want to be around things related to you, chances are she’s found someone else.

17. She says strange things

Women have trouble keeping secrets. If she’s cheating, her subconscious will be in turmoil. The secret will leak out eventually through her words. Be on the lookout for some tell-tale phrases that show a guilty conscience.

What kind of words should you watch for? She may mention polyamory or open relationships. She may talk about someone at work that is having an affair. She may even ask if you’re having an affair.

18. She’s changed her social media status

Your wife may have hidden her “Married to” status recently. She may claim she doesn’t want to advertise your relationship. But is she really doing it so the guy she has her eye on doesn’t get spooked?

There are other signs to watch out for. She may block you from seeing parts of her social media page. She may interact with unknown men often. You may see comments from strange men on her posts.

19. She’s not religious – or has become less so

Studies tell us religious or spiritual women are less likely to cheat. They’re also more devoted to their partners. Is your wife religious? If she isn’t or has become less so lately, you should take note.

If she’s straying from the religious path, she may be straying from you too. It could be a phase, but not if she starts to stonewall you, she asks for more space or her behavior changes in other ways.

20. She does too much for you – without complaining

Even the most devoted of wives complain about household chores. You can probably recall many incidences of your wife moaning about having to wash the dishes. She may have nagged you for help.

If she doesn’t complain anymore, though, sit up and take notice. It may signal a guilty conscience. She may feel like she has to make up for cheating on you by doing all the chores without complaining.

21. She remembers things differently

Your relationship was built up over time. There are many cornerstone moments holding it up. If your wife starts to question these moments or misremember them deliberately, you’re in trouble.

If your wife is cheating, she may begin to disregard the past. She may deliberately act like it never happened. She may now believe your relationship isn’t worth preserving. She may be seeing someone.

22. Your wife becomes judgmental

Your wife may have begun to look for reasons not to love you. She may start complaining about some of your habits. She may tell you to get out more, do more for her, or shape up in other ways.

If she doesn’t accept who you are at the moment, she may have found someone who she thinks is better. She may be comparing you to them. Sometimes it’s just a passing phase, though.

23. She doesn’t feel any jealousy or anger

It’s normal for your wife to be attached to you. If another woman shows interest in you beyond friendship, your wife will react, even if she trusts you. She may get angry, possessive, or jealous, even if she trusts you.

But what if your wife doesn’t react at all? What if the idea of you being with someone else doesn’t affect her? It means she’s checked out of the relationship. She no longer feels you’re her husband.

You may witness one or more of these signs of a cheating wife. Unless you catch her in the act, though, you still don’t have conclusive proof.

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It’s not a good idea to confront your spouse without proof. If you do find proof, we sympathize with you. It’s never easy to have someone cheat on you. It hurts. Talk to your loved ones. Seek out a counselor if you have to.

And, finally, never forget: infidelity is your wife’s shortcoming, not yours.