Is My Husband Cheating? 20+ Signs Your Husband is Cheating

Husbands cheat. Despite, most women blindly trust their husbands and the bond of marriage. In such scenarios, infidelity is a crushing blow for marriage. You can protect your relationship from its impact if you handle the illicit affair in its early stages.

Your husband may try to keep the affair secret, yet there are subtle inevitable changes in his behavior and body language that will give you the cue.

Look for the cheating signs!

We are sharing  20+ signs to tell if your husband is cheating. Then, we will teach how you can catch your cheating husband. Lastly, we will discuss how you can salvage the relationship.

What are we waiting for? Let’s get started!


Part 1: 20+ Signs of Cheating Husband

Here is the list of the signs to look for and know if your husband is cheating:

Sign # 1: He is showing extra care

Your husband started to bring your choice of flowers, chocolates, and other items without any special occasion. He has made himself more approachable and available to you. He’s coming home in a good mood, taking you out for dinner and responding gently to your gestures.

You think he’s taking extra care of you and loving you. Yes, his love may take you over the moon. However, his extra attention may be a cue to his cheating.

Cheating husbands tend to take better care of their real-life partners. In this way, the partner does not the suspect husband of cheating and husband continue to have extramarital affairs.

Sign # 2: He’s suddenly taking care of himself

You want him to look good naked. You like when he takes care of himself and becomes energetic. However, if fitness is a new craze for him, you may not be the reason behind it. He is getting into shape again and shedding extra fat to feel confident and handsome in front of someone else.

Sign # 3: Intimacy in your relationship has waned

Over the years, physical intimacy has waned. Intimacy is not just about sex. It includes cuddles, hugs, soft kisses, and holding your hands together.

Have you noticed that he no longer has sex as a priority? Does he avoid being physical with you? Does he avoid looking into your eyes? All these signs are an indication of the wandering of his mind elsewhere.

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Sign # 4: He responds with one word

Notice how communication changes. He may not be a talkative person, but he tells you casually about his life’s happenings. Suddenly, he started answering you with one-word answers to avoid any tongue slip that might reveal her cheating. Or he might start answering in detail to keep you from wondering if he’s seeing someone.

Sign # 5: He is dressing up once again!

After a few years, both partners are comfortable at home with their casual outlook. Men tend to wear comfortable clothes in general and remain relaxed. If your man has begun to dress up again, his appearance may be influenced by some outsider.

He looks presentable and groomed so that he is irresistibly desired by the other woman.

Man in suit

Sign # 6: He is quite busy now

He is much busy now. He stays at work for long hours (at least that is what he tells you), attending more business meetings and dines outs. He is actually looking for an escape from home and seeks opportunities for spending time with the other woman.

Sign # 7: He encourages you to go out with friends

He encourages you to meet your friends and family. He is no longer bothered by your long shopping and leisure hours. He urges you to go to neighbors, attend social gatherings and visit your places of interest. He just does not want you to be around so that he can plan a meetup with the ladylove.

Sign # 8: He is distracted

He’s with you, but his mind wanders somewhere else. He’s distracted and concerned with somebody’s thoughts. This is a tricky sign. He might be absent-minded because of the workload at the office. Simply ask what is bothering him and his reply will tell you if its work or the woman.

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Sign # 9: He is taking his phone everywhere with him

He takes his phone with him everywhere, even if he takes a shower or throws trash outside in the bin.

As adults, we keep our own phones so we don’t miss out on an important call or message. He is hiding something if he is being extra vigilant and wants to keep his phone away from your reach. He just doesn’t want you to see the message, call or other notification from the other lady.

Sign # 10: He is texting but avoiding calls

Sexting is easier than calling your mistress when one is around family.

Is your husband starting to message more and call less these days? If you find him sticking to the cell phone, frequently messaging someone and smiling, he is probably flirting with somebody.

Sign # 11: He spends a lot of time with someone else

It’s pretty clear. You may be a progressive couple that has no problem with friends of opposite genders, but a borderline has to be maintained. The other woman doesn’t need to be a stranger to you. She can be a mutual friend of you two.

Is your husband spending more time with her? Is he going out of his way to get her stuff done? Do both of them sideline you to spend time alone?

Pay attention and get your husband back!

Sign # 12: You are no longer a priority

You’re no longer a priority. He cares less for you and your problems. He’s unable to spare family time. He forgets things because these days he pays less attention. Your relationship’s overall quality has changed.

Sign # 13: He has a problem with everything

Your husband will find issues in petty things and start to fight out of nothing.

Suddenly, he starts to find a problem in everything that relates to you. He will begin to complain about your appearance, your sense of dressing, your habits, and your handling of the different situations.

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Sign # 14: He’s built up new interests

He’s built up new interests. He starts to visit places that previously failed to attract his attention. He adopts new habits and attempts different things. All these signs tell that there is an influencer in his life.

Sign # 15: His libido is stimulated frequently

These days, your husband may become too eager to lay you down. This may come as a surprise, but in order to satisfy their stimulated libido, some cheating husbands develop more craving for sex.

Sign # 16: He discusses the cheating habits of a friend

Your husband may have a relationship with another woman, but if he’s not a bad person, he’ll feel guilty of cheating you. He is going to be secretive about his dalliance, yet he has a constant fear of being caught. Especially if you have children together and he’s a loving father, he won’t want to affect children.

In this scenario, guys tend to make up a situation and discuss how a friend of them cheats his wife. This conversation helps him to know your viewpoint and possible reaction if you catch him cheating.

Sign # 17: Play game the other way around

Practiced cheaters know their game well. They understand being secretive can raise suspicion. They play it the other way around.

If your husband has become more open to you and tells you all the details, maybe that’s because he’s already been thinking about it. He has decided which information to share and which parts to omit. He may even give you access to his phone and social media accounts, just because the evidence of cheating is hidden elsewhere safely.

Sign # 18: His moves have changed

You know his moves! You know how he is going to foreplay, take you into the bed and how he is going to please you. You know his ‘pattern’ of approaching your body.

Have you noticed a change in his pattern? Has he become welcoming to the exciting positions he has recently learned? Yes, he may be reading some magazines to rekindle the spark in your married life.

If he doesn’t learn this stuff from a magazine, he’s learning it from the new bed partner.

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Sign # 19: His body smells differently

You love the way he smells! Every man has his signature smell. This smell is a combination of what he eats, where he sleeps, what colognes he use and the woman he sleeps with.

As a woman, you should be quick to notice if his body aroma has changed.

Sign #20: Trust a wife’s gut feeling

You can not get it wrong. Women just know when their husbands take interest in someone else. You can feel it in your heart.

Part 2: How to Catch a Cheating Husband?

Human behavior is complex. There is no definite theory to judge someone’s action or predict one’s behavior. People tend to have different motivations to perform the same action. Thus, you need to be completely sure before accusing your husband of cheating.

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Part 3: What to Say to a Cheating Husband?

No one wants to be cheated in a relationship. Although we doubt our partner of infidelity, yet we secretly desire that our doubts prove baseless. However, if circumstances have taken an unfortunate turn and your suspicions turn out to be true, you need to handle things more diligently.

Talk to your Man

Communication is essential in any relationship. This particular conversation topic is difficult and uncomfortable, yet inevitable as an effort to save your relationship. Choose a peaceful place and an appropriate time to hold the conversation to lessen the intensity and discomfort.

Talk to your man about whether he is cheating on you.  He can answer in different ways. He could immediately deny the fact, accept it with remorse, or accept it without feeling guilty.  Prepare yourself beforehand on how you will handle his response.

 Resolve Things

Talk to him about the factors that made him cheat on you. Small reasons sometimes urge people to cheat their partners. Try to address his concerns and work together to resolve the issues.

You guys have fallen in love and have vowed together to make your beautiful world. Recall the vow and start afresh.

 Seek Counseling

When dealing with relationship problems, counseling can be an excellent source of support. A counselor can help you identify thoughts and behaviors that have a negative impact on your relationship. Couple counseling sessions are also useful to teach you better ways to cope with adverse situations in relationships.

Take matters in your hand and try to save your marriage.

Our sincere wishes are with you!