How to Spy on a Cell Phone Without the Phone You Spying On

Digital gadgets are increasingly subjecting children to risks of cyberbullying, online harassment and hate. Parents who wish to keep their children from these risks place a spy phone tracker on their child’s phone to monitor their activities. The free mobile spy app, Neatspy is one of the best and most efficient tools that allows users to spy on a cell phone.

There various ways to keep a stealth profile while spying on calls, texts or multimedia on a target phone. One of the ways is to physically obtain the phone and hide the spying app. However, for those who can’t access the cell phone, there is a way to spy on the phone without the phone you are spying on.

Part 1: Free spy phones without the phone you spying on

Neatspy is currently one of the best spy apps that you should look for. The range of features on the platform offers a user-friendly base for anyone wishing to monitor phones.

Parents who have children with digital gadgets have to ensure they are used for the right purpose. The increased risks associated with the internet such as cyberbullying and online harassment also serves a purpose for Neatspy.

Employers have a case to monitor on company devices to ensure they are used in a competent manner and for the right purpose.

Features of Neatspy

1. Neatspy IM chats and Emails monitor

All the internet messaging chats sent from the target phone will be recorded on your dashboard in real time. You can spy on sent and received chats from WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and more on the target phone.

2. Keylogger

Monitor every stroke on your child’s mobile device keyboard or keypad remotely from your control panel.  Stay in front of possible dangerous situations by supervising all your child’s keylogging activities. Prevent communication with potentially dangerous strangers, online bullies and other threats with Neatspy. Learn more about Neatspy Android Keylogger here >>

3. View screenshots and multimedia

Neatspy also allows the user to directly access the photos, music, videos and screenshots taken on the target phone. The details of the media files such as date modified and time of upload are recorded on your control panel.

4. GPS location tracker

Ever lost your phone and you need to find it? Are you a parent that is worried about the security of your child? Are you a spouse in suspicion of cheating from your other spouse? Neatspy offers the GPS location monitor that updates the current location of the target phone in real time.

5. Monitor calls and text messages

Incoming and outgoing calls, text messages (including iMessages) and call logs from the target phone are recorded on the control panel. This allows the user to keep track of the communication channels to avoid any potential risks.

6. Record calls and the surrounding environment

Neatspy allows a maximum of 30 minutes to record a call conversation. This is useful to monitor if your child is facing harassment or being bullied. The feature also allows the users to record any surrounding sounds at any time on the monitored cell phone.

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Part 2: How to Spy on a Cell Phone without the Phone You Spying On

Neatspy, as the No.1 best iPhone spyware in the cell phone monitoring industry, allows the user to spy on an iPhone without having access to the phone you are spying on. The following are steps to follow to monitor an iPhone without the phone you are spying on.

Steps to spying without the phone you are spying on

Step 1: Create a Neatspy account. On the next page enter your username and password sent to your email.

Step 2: Log in the Apple ID credentials of the target device.

Step 3: The final step is to log in to your account and start monitoring. The details of the calls, texts, chats, media and installed app will be displayed on the dashboard of your control panel.


Neatspy provides one of the best free spy app that allows you to spy on a phone without accessing the phone you are spying on. The features available on the app are user-friendly to allow stealth monitoring on an iOS device without accessing the target phone. The detailed description shows how to use the app to track calls, messages and multimedia files secretly. Neatspy offers you the best phone monitoring app for all your spying needs.