How to Track My Boyfriend’s Phone Without Him Knowing for Free

“Don’t you think it is incredibly relaxing to keep an eye on your man while enjoying his trust?”

Doubtlessly, it is!

The Neatspy cell phone monitoring solution helps you read your boyfriend’s text messages without him knowing. The Android app runs in a discreet manner without interrupting the phone’s behavior. For iPhones, its simpler – no app, no trace!

Let us check out the features and functionalities of delightfully simple Neatspy cell phone monitoring solution. Read on to find out how you can read text messages and all other conversations of your boyfriend without him knowing.


Part 1: How to Check My Boyfriend’s Text Messages Without Him Knowing

You will need to use Neatspy to see everything your boyfriend is doing on his Android or iOS device.

1.2 How to Spy on My Boyfriend’s Text Messages Without Him Knowing (For Android)

Neatspy Android Tracking app lets you spy on your boyfriend’s text messages without him knowing. It is a 100% undetectable app. With over 30+ monitoring features, Neatspy gives you complete control over the target device.

Trusted and Reliable

It is leading and professional spyware. Trusted by millions of satisfied customers and endorsed by well-reputed media outlets, Neatspy is popular across the globe.

Fast and Easy to Set Up

You don’t need to be a techie to use Neatspy. The monitoring set up can be done in 3 simple steps, within a couple of minutes.

Get hold of your boyfriend’s device while he is away. Download and install the Neatspy app by granting all required permissions.  Once installed, the data of the target device can be monitored from anywhere.

No Root Android Solution

No, there is no need to ‘Root’ the Android phone to read the text messages. Certainly, you don’t want to tamper with the operating system or void the warranty of your boyfriend’s phone for the sake of spying on him.

Although some competitors require you to do so for availing complete functionality, Neatspy stands out apart here.

Built with leading technologies, Neatspy is capable to access even third-party apps on the target device.

You can access all the features of the Neatspy cell phone monitoring solution without rooting the device, especially the monitoring of messages and media files exchanged over third-party applications.

Legitimate App

Neatspy Android app is a legitimate spy application. It is free from any malicious code. Neither it induces a virus nor it steals data from the target device.

Spy on your Boyfriend’s Device without Him Knowing

With Neatspy, you can spy and see your boyfriend’s text messages without him knowing. It is possible because Neatspy app runs in complete stealth mode on the target device.

  • The app’s icon is automatically hidden after installation.
  • A footprint of less than 2 MB occupies only a fraction of memory space.
  • The spy service consumes less battery power.
  • There is no effect on the performance of the target device while Neatspy’s service runs secretly in the background.

Features of Neatspy Android Tracking App

Cosospy Android cell phone monitoring solution comes with basic and advanced features to help you spy on anyone’s phone.

  • Read someone’s text messages, including ones that person both sends and receives.
  • Review a person’s phone call history. Look at when a person makes calls, who that person calls or receives calls from, and how long those calls might have lasted for.
  • Find information on where your boyfriend has been by using the Wi-Fi history or GPS data on his phone.
  • Get alerts on when your boyfriend has gotten out of a certain geographic zone. Geofencing alerts can be sent to your device to let you know when someone is getting out of a certain boundary.
  • Check on a person’s web history, including details on sites one visits and the things someone downloads.
  • Review the keylogger for details on what your boyfriend is entering into his phone.

Visit our free live demo to learn and explore the monitoring features of Neatspy and see how it fulfills your needs.

How to read your boyfriend’s text messages?

Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Sign up for a free account with Neatspy.

Step 2: Configure the app onto your boyfriend’s phone. See the detailed installation guide here.

Step 3: Open control panel and switch to the ‘Messages’ tab and read the messages!


Neatspy Android Tracker app is compatible with Android 4.0 and higher.

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1.3 How to read your boyfriend’s text messages without touching his phone (For iPhone)?

Well, this is amazingly simple with Neatspy web-based iOS monitoring solution!

Neatspy Web-based iOS Monitoring Solution

Neatspy lets you spy on your boyfriend’s phone without the need to gain physical access to his device. All you need is your boyfriend’s iCloud credentials and look up everything that he is doing on his phone!

How does it work?

The iOS monitoring solution is web-based and does not need you to install any app on the target phone. You can open Neatspy iOS solution in any web browser of any device.

You can easily configure the target device by entering your boyfriend’s iCloud credentials as input. These credentials are verified and the data begins to synchronize over the cloud using the iCloud backup.

What can I monitor on my boyfriend’s iPhone?

Why spy on text messages only? Why not sneak inside his social apps, trace out his whereabouts all day long and scrutinize his planned things?

Get hold of your relationship and stay updated with whom he is in touch with, who is calling him, who he is calling and how long they are conversing.

Neatspy web-based iOS monitoring solution provides all these features and much more to assist you in safeguarding your relationship.

  • Read Text Messages and iMessages
    • The Neatspy iOS solution lets you read your boyfriend’s text messages and iMessages.
    • You can see the conversation as it happens in a threaded view. This gives you the complete context of the messages and avoids any misunderstanding.
  • Dig out Contact Details
    • If you feel the conversation is fishy and you need to dig a little about the sender or receiver, check out the details of the contact.
    • See the contact name, profile photo, social media handles, number and any other details which are saved in the phone.
  • See Conversation on Social Apps
    • Neatspy lets you spy on WhatsApp and LINE messages too.
    • You can also view and download the media files exchanged over WhatsApp and LINE.

Check out the live demonstration here and see how different features can help you spy on your man.

No Need to Install any App

There is certainly no need to install any application on the target iOS device. You don’t need to hold the device, not even once, to install the app and spy remotely.

Remotely Spy on your Boyfriend’s iPhone

You can log in to your Neatspy account anytime through your browser. Choose between different options on the Dashboard and remotely track his iPhone without him knowing.

  • Step 1: Get a Neatspy account and subscribe to the premium package.
  • Step 2: Type in your boyfriend’s iCloud credentials.

  • Step 3: Open up your Neatspy Dashboard, go to ‘Messages’ and read your boyfriend’s text messages without touching his phone.


The iOS monitoring solution is compatible with all iOS versions.

Wrap Up

We have looked at how Neatspy assists you in reading your boyfriend’s messages without him knowing. Use Neatspy cell phone monitoring solution and sleep peacefully in his arms!