Monitor Android Phones Without Getting Caught

Stealth Mode

There is no risk involved in using Neatspy, thanks to stealth mode.

Neatspy is like a ghost which vanishes once it is installed:

  • Pinpoint a user location at any moment that you want.
  • View their recent locations with timestamps.
  • Set boundaries on where they can be without them knowing.

Location Tracking is Just 3 Steps Away

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Configure Neatspy

Download Neatspy onto a target Android device. For target iOS devices, enter the iCloud credentials.

Begin Tracking

Track their location from your Neatspy dashboard.

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Keep Your Loved Ones Safe

There are often cases when you need to track someone's phone without their knowledge. This is especially true when we are tracking our loved ones. Here is when Neatspy becomes utterly important.

Parents use Neatspy to monitor the day to day activities of their children. They no longer need to call their child constantly asking them where they are. Neatspy answers this question for you, along with many other questions.

Further, due to the stealth mode, the children never find out that their parents are tracking them. Therefore, they do not feel that their privacy is being taken away or that their parents are being protective. This gives an added benefit to Neatspy from a parent-child perspective.

Neatspy's benefits are not just limited to parents. Even employers make use of Neatspy's location tracker by keeping a tab on their employees. They know if their employees are actually on the job or not. This makes their lives a lot easier.

Secret phone/tablet tracker

Every bit of Neatspy is designed to be completely hidden. With Neatspy, you can track a phone location 24x7 without leaving any traces of it. Who knew phone tracking could be this easy?.

Neatspy's location tracker coupled with the geo-fence feature lets you track your kid or employee 24x7, even when you are busy doing other work. Neatspy sends you alert if there is a reason to worry..

You can not only view where the user is, but also where they have been. Neatspy shows you their entire location history along with timestamps for every location.

The recent locations can be sorted any way you want, be it on a proximity basis or a locality basis. This gives you an easy idea of their recent locations. You will know if the person has been lying to you..

While there are other location tracking apps, none works like Neatspy. This is because Neatspy has a stealth mode design for both- Android phones and iPhones. This means that while you have eyes on the user, they are always unaware of it.

Whether you want to track an iPhone or an Android phone, there is nothing better than Neatspy's location tracker. The location tracker gives you accurate location of the user without them knowing. There is hardly any other app that can claim to offer that.

No Need to Root or Jailbreak

Rooting or jailbreaking a phone can be your worst nightmare. It has significant downsides, like voiding the device's warranty, damaging the device's software, and whatnot. This is why Neatspy has spent extra effort to make its service truly rootless. It never asks you to root or jailbreak the target phone.

Ninja Stealth Mode

The problem with most spy apps is that they leave traces behind, which can let the target user know you are tracking them. However, with Neatspy, there is not even a little activity trace that can get you caught. Therefore, you can track any phone without any worry..

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