Neatspy Guest Post Guidelines

What is Neatspy?

Neatspy aligns itself with the best spying platforms available in the market. The platform features some of the best characteristics that have not been witnessed in most platforms yet. Neatspy makes it easy for you to monitor the activities of your kids. Not only does it offer message tracking, but you can also easily look into the current location of your beloved to ensure their safety.

While featuring spying tools, we have also designed a very good site. We have come up to the realization of a global community built by helping each other. While keeping this in mind, Neatspy feels that every publisher deserves their content to be published and promoted. Publish with us across a site with a 40 DR Ratio and 86200 traffic views.

Guest Post Guidelines

As you look to publish your first guest post across Neatspy, you should understand the following guest post guidelines as the integral element of every post.

1. Content Originality

It is very important to keep the content original in all cases. We would never encourage any publisher to plagiarize content and damage their objective. Plagiarism and non-original content will lead to direct rejection.

2. Word Limit for Every Guest Post

Keep your published content above 500 words, at a minimum. We accept all kinds of content that are about 500 words. Our guest post guidelines also advise users to write the meta description for their content all by themselves, as they must promote the content themselves.

3. Sharing Guidelines

Share your written content across Google Docs. However, while sharing the content, you need to ensure that the sharing settings are kept aligned to the following points. You need to keep your sharing status "On" and select the option of "Anyone with the link". Following this, all users provided access to the content should edit it.

4. Pictures

Pictures shared with the content should be clear and expressive, aligning with the content written for the guest post. Neatspy's advertising department is responsible for checking the status of each picture.

5. Immoral Content

Neatspy does not allow users to publish adult content through their platform. There is no case Neatspy will allow users to publish or share immoral and adult content through their guest posts.

6. Promote After Publishing

Our final guideline out of all guest post guidelines addresses the extent to which we allow users to promote the published content. The users are free to share it across any social media, newsletter or have this attached as a do-follow link across their blog sites. If you look to insert links directly, the anchor text should be similar to the published articles.


We are always open for discussion over publishing guest posts across our platform. To convince yourselves to be part of us, we will have a sales representative contact you for advertising. You are only advised to hit us up at [email protected] for further discussion.