Monitor Viber Secretly with Neatspy

Viber Messenger Spy

Read their private chats or group chats on Viber.

Monitor their entire Viber activity in secret:

  • Read all private and group Viber chats.
  • View sent and received media files on Viber.
  • Read even the deleted and archived Viber chats.
  • Find out about the people they talk to.

3 Easy Steps to Spy on Viber

Sign Up

Create a Neatspy account using your email address as username.

Configure Neatspy

Follow the on-screen instructions to setup Neatspy based on the target phone.

Monitor Viber

Access your dashboard and begin monitoring their Viber chats instantly!

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Secure Way to Viber Spying

Different people prefer different messenger apps. If the target user is using Viber, Neatspy lets you know what they are talking about and who they are talking to. As such, there is no chance that the target user will have anything to hide from you.

Neatspy is the best friend of parents, who use the Viber spying feature to know what their child is doing online for so long. It shows you every chat of your children, along with every media file that they share or receive.

If there is anyone who is talking inappropriately to your child or sharing inappropriate content with them, Neatspy lets you catch them before any harm can befall your kid. This lets you protect your child to the best ability and sleep peacefully at night..

Countless parents depend on Neatspy, you can too. Start using Neatspy today!

remote Viber Spying with Neatspy

Neatspy lets you monitor their Viber through any corner of the world. You can use your phone, tablet, or PC to view their private Viber data. All that happens without the target user finding out about it.

Once you have access to the Neatspy dashboard, you can use the Viber Spy feature present under the 'Social Apps' on the left side of the dashboard. This shows you all their private Viber data that you wish to view.

Every Viber message is present in this interface, along with important details like the message date and time. You can also view the messages that they have deleted or archived. The logs can be sorted in any way you prefer.

Viber Spying Without Root or Jailbreak

Neatspy is the most advanced app in the world, which is why it works without asking you to root or jailbreak the target device. This makes Neatspy better than any other phone monitor you will find online or offline.

Viber Spying Without Getting Caught

Neatspy is designed to work completely quiet, without the risk of the phone owner finding out about it. Whether you are monitoring an iPhone or an Android phone, Neatspy makes sure that it is hidden well. In fact, it can monitor an iPhone without touching it at all. For Android phones, Neatspy has a customized downloadable app, 100% secretive.

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